Apply for housing

6 key steps


Choose the best-adapted residence according to where you work or study. You only file one request. You will receive a registration confirmation e-mail.


The team of the residence takes notice of your application:

You will receive an e-mail specifying one of the 3 following points:

– You need to send other supporting documents to clarify your situation
– Your file is sent to other nearby residences
– Your file is refused, as there is no accommodation available in nearby residences


Send all your documents through your personal account or by the post to the address specified in the email. If one document is missing, you must provide a justification.


Follow the progress of your application online (depending on the turnover of the flats, it can take up to one month to reach the following step).


You have a telephone or physical interview with the team of the residence.


Your file is accepted of refused. In case of refusal, you will have to wait 3 months before sending a new request.

Guarantees housing


Before you apply, wait until your situation is clear. You will therefore be able to better choose the location of your residence.

Clearly indicate your professional situation at the date you wish to move into the accommodation.

Do not file a request too early with respect to the date you wish to move into the accommodation. For example, if you wish to move in June, file your request in April.

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Which residence
for what young ?
46 residences for young workers RJT® to accompany young persons, aged 18 to 26, at the beginning of their professional career or course
13 residences for young workers in mobility to accompany people, aged 26 to 32, in professional mobility or in training.
5 HOMER residences for students and young researchers.

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