Our 60 years - 13 october 2016

Youth Manifesto

Our 60 years
To celebrate the 60 years anniversary of the association, the partners who have been helping us achieve our goals for years were invited to La Géode for an afternoon session dedicated to youth: « Let’s facilitate the life course of young people together”.

Programme :

The documentary film « Avec eux », a short film of 15 min (Interlinked portraits of 4 residents), two panel discussions on « building young people’s residential and professional pathway », and « developing harmonious and sustainable residences”, the signing of three conventions to facilitate access to housing and secure the residents’ integration pathway, and a photo exhibition on the ALJT of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
The manifesto ended with a cocktail reception gathering all members, partners and employees of the ALJT.

Press release

Youth Manifesto



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Our associative project

A morning of exchanges gave all the employees the opportunity to discuss on the innovating projects of the association (accommodation for single parent families, students and work-study students), the development of accompanying measures for the residents (job framework), and the quality approach of the ALJT concerning the development, management and security of the residences.

These discussions led to the launching of the ALJT associative project, in the presence of Michel Fourmy (consultant), who will assist us in this approach.

Our associative project