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Opening of a residence in Chaville for youngsters aged between 26 and 32

In mid-July, The ALJT will open its second residence in Chaville, property of the lessor France Habitation.

Located at the foot of the 171 Bus Stop (serving the metro line 9), and close to the L and U train lines (serving La Défense), this Residence for Young Workers on Mobility (R’JAM) will provide 77 fully furnished individual dwellings. It therefore completes the housing offer for young people in this city: indeed, it will welcome resident aged between 26 and 32, whether they are under fixed-term contract, permanent contract, internship or interim. Candidates under 26 years will still be able to send their application to the R’JT of Chaville, which opened 7 years ago.

The candidates can now file an application on the ALJT website.