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Sustainable development at the ALJT

On the occasion of “Sustainable Development Week”, the ALJT returns to the past and future actions carried out in its residences on this topic.

Recycle and Reuse

Paris 14th arrondissement – Glacière (75) //

An upcycling workshop was organized in the residence on 5 April with regard to the following concept: raising awareness on industrial waste and recycled elements through a creative and entertaining Do It Yourself workshop. The residents made jewellery out of leather offcuts collected from resellers and Nespresso capsules. This workshop was conducted by L’Atelier Oplatka, who will also be presenting a creative / upcycling workshop on December 2017 to home-make Christmas gifts.

Pontoise (95) //

A plastic artist from the association Ateliers arrosés  came to lead a recup’ workshop to teach residents how to make boxes and bags out of used plastic bottles. The concept was to cut a bottle into two parts with a cutter and to reassemble these 2 parts thanks to a zip. Then, the resident customized their creations. The residents also participated in a “shop my closet” party where they could exchange the clothes they were not wearing anymore.

Paris 19th arrondissement – Ourcq (75) //

The young people residing at 23 rue de l’Ourcq have discovered what was creative recycling through the design of furniture made out of pallets. Nicolas Musso (Palettes Addict) conducted 3 sessions during which he transmitted his know-how to the young people attending the workshop. The participants put all their efforts in every step of the production:  cutting boards, cutting, grinding, etc. The bookcase, the coffee table and the bench they designed now embellish the collective spaces of the residence.




Chaville (92) //

Another action was carried out by Palettes addict, this time in the residence of Chaville, to design a bookcase made out of pallets, as well as a small coffee table to refurbish the cyberspace as a library corner. Many inhabitants of Chaville and residents gave out some books (following an advertisement on Chaville supportive Facebook page).

Combating wastefulness and better manage waste

Pontoise (95) //

A very special “empty your cupboards” cookery workshop was held to promote the use of food waste to produce balanced meals, in partnership with a dietician.

Chaville (92) //

A composter, supplied by the urban community (GPSO), has been set up within the residence. An information evening session will soon take place to put this composter into service. About 30 bio-buckets will be offered to voluntary residents. A master composter will be assisting them in this project during one year.

Neuville-sur-Oise (95) //

A « Solidar’été » evening will take place on 22 June 2017. Many associations will be present, among which the Odyssée pour la Terre association, which works in environmental protection with a view to ensuring sustainable development. Learn more

Increasing residents awareness of green actions

Chaville (92) //

During the Housing Forum on 18 May, the residents received a household kit containing several products to clean their housing (white vinegar, baking soda, cloth, sponge, and degreasing agent, all in an ALJT tote bag) along with the instruction of use. An exhibition as well as demonstrations also illustrated the dedicated stand. Among the topics addressed were the tartar, the living space ventilation, the kitchen and bathroom clean-up, the sorting of waste… The residents also received tips on housing security (use of the automatic smoke detector, turning off the baking sheets, dangers of deep frying oil…).

Consuming responsibly and living together

Rosny-sous-Bois (93) //

Every Wednesday between 7pm and 8pm, at the ALJT residence of Rosny-Sous-Bois, the association « Rosny Potager », the Cercle Boissière and the inhabitants of the neighbourhood get mobilised to take care of the community garden. Despite the weather, the gardeners put all their efforts into digging, turning up the soil, sowing, planting, and watering. And the first organic vegetables are already growing! The harvests will be distributed to the participants and residents.

Bretigny (91) //

A community garden project was born on the request of certain residents and employees wishing to be able to give themselves over to the joys of gardening and thus be able to benefit from organic vegetables. It fully corresponds to the Living Together Project of the residence and serves a number of purposes, among which encouraging social diversity, promoting the community garden as a citizenship tool, increasing awareness on ecological issues and responsible consumption, exchanging and promoting the expertise of each individual through a participatory approach, empowering and bringing together young people around a joint project. The first plantings were made in May and the first harvests will start as soon as June. Learn more