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Integration programs for unaccompanied foreign minors

On the occasion of a documentary series on the integration of young migrants, the teams of the “Magazine de la santé” (France 5) have followed the path of Gurpreet, a resident of Neuville-sur-Oise.

He arrived from India when he was 17 and received assistance from the DIS 95 programme (social integration programme). This organization provides help for minors and unaccompanied young adults with their specific administrative procedures: regularisation of documents, entitlement, access to healthcare, learning of the language and development of a career plan.

This assistance allowed Gurpreet to start a baking CAP course (certificates of vocational aptitude) and to find housing thanks to the agreement signed between the ALJT and the French Red Cross for the integration of unaccompanied foreign minors (UFMs) drawn from the Youth Welfare Services and enrolled in training courses.

From October 2015, the residences of Val d’Oise have welcomed more than 30 UFMs receiving assistance from the DIS 95 programme and all the services provided by the ALJT.

Watch the video: