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The annual survey: six minutes to give your opinion

From January 25 to February 14, 2016, 4043 ALJT residents took part in the annual survey.

Again this year, the residents have had the opportunity to give their opinion on the various offers and services provided by the ALJT during their stay. The overall satisfaction rate stands at 86.6%. In general, the figures are rather positive; as 95% of young people enjoyed the friendly welcoming they received upon arrival in the residence, 82% are pleased with the quality of the housing, 89% think the security measures are adequate, 92% are satisfied with the services offered, 80% are satisfied with the maintenance works, and 88% would even recommend their residence. These figures highlight the quality of our services and offers. Far from taking great pride in these figures, they rather invite us to keep on achieving improvements for the young people we host.

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