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Extension of the Visale guarantee for people under 30 years

Since the beginning of the academic year, Action Logement has been offering an extension of the Visale guarantee to the people under the age of 30.

This guarantee allows all tenants to be able to find an accommodation in the private stock of housing without the need for a third-party guarantee. The ALJT residents can therefore benefit from this guarantee at the end of their stay, if they are willing to relocate in the private sector.

As the students can now benefit from this guarantee, a presentation of the policy was made in the ALJT residence of Gennevilliers (residence dedicated to students and young researchers), in the presence of Mrs Marie-Angèle LOPES, President of the APAGL (Association for Access to Rent Guarantees), who had the opportunity to meet Daniel, a young doctorate student et first beneficiary of the Visale guarantee since the extension of this policy to students.



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