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International Women’s Day at the ALJT

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the ALJT returns to its commitment to respect gender balance within the association.

All professions included, women represent 61% of the ALJT total staff. Just like the overall breakdown of employees, a majority of women is present in the various fields of expertise of the association, except in the field of hotel management and security. The management and the positions of responsibility are fairly gender balanced. Women represent 62% of the staff employed under permanent contracts, and 52% of the association’s executives.

All age groups are represented among the employees with 40% of women under the age of 35, 26% aged from 36 to 45, and 33% older than 46 (including 4 out of 10 who are older than 55).

The ALJT would like to thank all its female staff members for the work carried out and their daily involvement.