Bobigny | Camille Desmoulins
RJAM 166 accomodations
163 Individual small studio flats
3 Studio flats suitable for a couple


80/82 rue Edouard Renard 93000 Bobigny Locate the residence on the map


583,10 € for an individual studio flat
642,26 € for a studio flat suitable for 2 people

Maximum resources :

PLAI : Income tax reference Y-2 below € 14,329
Other benefits

A few minutes away from the underground line 7 (Fort d’Aubervilliers) and close to the tramway line 1 (Maurice Lachâtre).

Facilities and services

Access and transport

Subway line 7 - La Courneuve and line 5 - Bobigny Pablo Picasso
Tramway line 1 - Drancy Avenir

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